Looking for a professional PBX telephone system just like the big companies have?

Now you can have a professional PBX type telephone system completely free of charge.

Our free, powerful virtual switchboard system is the essential business tool for web based companies, SME's, sole traders, home workers, doctors' surgeries, charities and marketing departments. 

You can empower your business with a FREE 0844/0843 number connected to our powerful call handling system.

Our call organiser is a professional auto attendant and call queuing system, and your customers will never have to hear the engaged tones again!

 What you get...

  • A Free 0844/0843 number giving your company a national presence
    The auto attendant feature enables you to set up a 'press button x' option for different departments, so for example you can have Sales diverted to one number when the caller presses 1, and Customer Services diverted to another number when they press 2 etc etc.
  • Zero purchase cost or running costs
  • Local call rate calls for your customers
  • Calls can be redirected to any landline or mobile number
  • Call re-routing to your home, office or multiple locations
  • Redirect to Mobile option
  • Music on Hold (wide variety of music to choose from)
  • Caller queue position announcement (when the line is busy)
  • Close the line at any time, and only accept voicemail
  • Missed call alerts (sent to your email address)
  • Voicemail messages sent to your email address
  • Track your marketing, use a different number for each ad or web page
Call Control..

In the control panel, you can set up 'hours of operation' for each day of the week, so if you set your business closing hours at 6pm on a Friday, any calls to your number will automatically divert to voicemail, and not ring your landline number.

This facility is really useful for anyone working from home because you have total control on the hours of operation for your business, and no more 'inconvenient' calls at 11pm at night!

No more missed calls..

If the caller hangs up, and doesn't leave a message, then the system will send a missed call notification to your email address containing the callers number (if it was made available via CLID), so you can decide to return the call if you want.

You can access your web based telephone control panel anytime 24/7/365 and make changes to the setup.. For example, if you wanted you telephone calls to route to another number for just that day, then by updating the redirect number in the control panel, all inbound calls to your 0844 number would immediately route to the new number.

Long term value..

A key long term value in this system is that your 0844 number is always yours, and is not affected by re-locating your business, or home telephone number. Just change the number that the calls are redirected to, and the calls will follow you to wherever you are.

Presenting a professional front..

Last but not least, having a professional telephone system makes your business appear professional to your customers, and even better, it won't cost you a penny in service charges because it is totally free.

About 0844 numbers

0844 numbers are similar to 0845 local call rate numbers that you obtain (at a monthly cost) from BT.

0844 local call rate numbers are charged to your callers at just 0.05p per minute.

Our Virtual Switchboard has  No Risk - No Fees - No Hidden Charges - Is Totally FREE!

  • 0844 Number  -  FREE
  • Connection Fee  - FREE
  • Call Routing  -  FREE
  • Music on Hold  -  FREE
  • Voicemail  -  FREE
  • Monthly Service Fee  -  FREE

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